Joseph Livni Software Developer

About me 😎

I'm a Software Engineer, graduating from the University of Oregon in December 2018. I've always had a passion for building and problem solving. Computer science has allowed me to continue this passion, combined with the feeling of accomplishment that comes with introducing new tech into the world. Since, I began my journey into the world of computer science, I've worked on numerous professional teams, working on code that has included frontend, backend, and internal tools to name a few. Besides keeping up on the latest tech and financial news, I like ultimate frisbee, Oregon in the Fall, and IPAs.


Python  |  JavaScript  |  Golang  |  C++

I have 3 years of programming experience. In that time, I've used a range of languages including Python, JavaScript, C++, and most recently GoLang.


Flask  |  Node.JS  |  React.JS  |  Postgres  |  Docker  |  Git

Through side projects and professional work, I've had the opportunity to explore numerous tools in which to create web applications and backend services.

Featured Projects 👷

Load Optimized Chat Room

  • Utilizes UDP transport layer to create custom server-client, chat room protocol.
  • Optimized packet delivery load and speed through robust dynamic server clusters, flooding-pruning processes, and soft state.
  • Tools: C++, UDP, Networking.
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OOP Golang Compiler

  • Handles a custom Object Oriented Language that contains core language features.
  • Tokenenizes language and generates an Abstract Syntax Tree with Static Type Checking. Then generates and runs C code.
  • Tools: Go, Gocc.
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Team Generator

  • Allows instructors to create optimized, student programming teams based off custom survey data.
  • Instructors can manipulate groups through a drag and drop interface and filtering and matching algorithms. that visualize matching success rate between users and groups.
  • Tools: React.JS, Redux, Node.JS, MongoDB, Immutable.JS.
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